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Managing a stem cell company or cord blood bank?

If you operate a stem cell company or cord blood bank, it is likely your responsibility to:

  1. To make smarter decisions, faster
  2. Compete without the expense of new hires or a huge business development department
  3. Assess profitable opportunities within your market
  4. Develop high-demand products that will bring customers to you, instead of your competition
  5. Increase revenue within your organization
  6. Minimize risk by understanding competitive threats

We can assist you with this goals, because we specialize in global strategic reports for the stem cell industry.

BioInformant is the only company that has specifically tracked the stem cell sector since it emerged.  Because there are hematopoietic stem cells in cord blood and mesenchymal stem cells in cord tissue, we’ve also been tracking the cord blood industry since 2006.  BioInformant has been featured on prominent news outlets that include Nature Biotechnology, CBS News, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Medical Ethics, MarketWatch, Center for BioNetworking, and more.

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Wondering if it’s worth it? This makes sense, especially if this is your first time visiting us. See what our other clients have to say and then make your decision!

“I was truly impressed by BioInformant. You can trust BioInformant to do things right and generate greater awareness of your technology. They are the go-to resource for stem cell researchers and companies looking for trustworthy stem cell business information and marketing support.”

Dr. William Frey II
Founder and Co-Director of the Alzheimer’s Research Center

“I am now truly enlightened. You are awesome! I must say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you folks. You will always get a great customer recommendation from me.”

John Jaskowiak
Vice President, Angiocrine Bioscience


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