Global Cord Blood Industry Database, 2014

Do You Operate a Cord Blood Bank and Want to See a
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As the global leader in cord blood industry data, one of the questions that we get asked often is, "How many cord blood banks are active in the world, right now?" If you operate a cord blood bank, you must have asked yourself that question. BioInformant has the most complete list of global cord blood banks active worldwide that is available anywhere. No other company will say exactly how many active cord blood banks there are in the world, simply because they don’t know.

We know that as of today, there are 485 cord blood banks worldwide,
from 97 different countries.

In fact, we are so convinced that you will want more cord blood industry data after seeing this complete global list that we are giving it away to you for free. Just sign-up in the box to your right to receive your free global list. If you like what you see, you can claim the full database to even great insight into your competition.

What You Get

The database is provided to you as two separate files:

  1. Complete Sortable Database to be Used for Competitive Analysis - You can sort this complete global list of your competitors by Country, Company Name, or Company Details, to assess competition within any region or country of interest to your business.

  2. An Email Marketing List for Immediate Use - This file is an Excel-formatted file containing nearly 7,000 industry contacts. You can upload it to your email software and immediately communicate with management of cord blood facilities worldwide - simply with the click of the "Send Button".

An Exploding Industry

We’re witnessing a maturation of the cord blood banking market. And that means more and more competitors for you.

When we first started tracking the cord blood industry in 2006, there were only 23 active cord blood banks worldwide. Now there are 485 active cord blood banks, spread out across 97 different countries across the world.

That represents a 21-fold increase (2,100%) in the number
of companies involved within the cord blood banking industry,
over only a seven year period.

When you consider the competitive explosion that is occurring within this industry, you understand why cord blood banks absolutely must access the information in this database to survive.

With a large number of competitors entering the industry, companies must be aware of the specific people and companies operating within the global cord blood banking industry.

How it All Came About

The “Global Cord Blood Industry Database” was initially developed as an in-house list. We began keeping a database for the cord blood industry when we began tracking the industry in 2006. In that year we began producing market intelligence reports for the cord blood banking industry and offering expert marketing advice and consultation to clients (cord blood banks).

As a result of years of committed research into the cord blood banking industry, and hundreds of hours spent with private clients, we now offer the landmark reports, “Complete 2013-14 U.S. Cord Blood Banking Industry Report" (U.S. Version) and "Capitalizing on Opportunities in Cord Blood Industry Growth" (Global Version).

Because we are specialists in the cord blood banking industry and have an unmatched record of successful working experience, we have captured this knowledge and put it into targeted, actionable reports for you – reports that provides both public and private cord blood banks with the ultimate road-map for success.

In addition, we have been transforming cord blood banks since 2006 through our private consultation services, by helping clients to “power up” the response to their marketing and create a surge in demand for their services. Our team has worked with cord blood banks from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Our pioneering strategies have transformed cord blood banks worldwide.

It was under these circumstances that we developed the database as an in-house research tool over the course of eight years, to assist us with producing the best cord blood industry data available anywhere.

From 2006 to present, we have closely tracked the cord blood industry and provided data to leading companies within it.

Becoming What it is Today

At the time we began tracking the cord blood banking industry, there were only 23 cord blood banks worldwide, and now there 485 active cord blood banks worldwide. So, the database grew into a comprehensive industry database containing contacts for every single cord blood company worldwide. It also contains over 4,000 additional industry contacts, for a total of nearly 7,000 cord blood industry contacts worldwide.

As the leading supplier of industry data for cord blood banks,
this database developed as an in-house list - but our existing
clients demanded that we share it with them too.

We had clients calling us up and saying, “Look, you must have complete data available for the cord blood banking industry. Please share it with me too.”

We spent years creating this database so that we would be able to stay fully informed of changes within the industry and have the capability to analyze trends, recognize growth rates, and identify regional variations within the cord blood banking industry.

Now we are sharing the direct source of this data with you too, in the form of the “Global Cord Blood Industry Database.”

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

While you may have know that the cord blood banking industry is expanding, you may not have known that exact number of your competitors – but a lack of awareness could be harming your business. Let knowledge be your power, instead of your limitation. Find out more by accessing your complete list of cord blood banks worldwide.

Become aware of the companies and organizations operating in your industry, recognize your most dangerous competitive threats, and identify weak competitors that represent an opportunity for you to take market share.

The Most Comprehensive Industry Database Available

BioInformant’s “Global Cord Blood Industry Database” is the most complete cord blood industry database available anywhere. While you may find another supplier of contacts for the cord blood industry, no one else provides a complete and comprehensive database for the global cord blood banking industry.

No other supplier right now will provide you with a complete list of active cord blood banks in the world right now, simply because they don’t know.

If they cannot even empower you with that essential industry knowledge, then how can they provide you with contacts for the management teams that are operating every cord blood bank worldwide? How can they provide you with other cord blood industry contacts worldwide? They can’t. No other company can supply you with the information that you need because they don’t know it.

Here is What You Can Expect

1) Competitor Intelligence
Be fully informed about the companies operating in your industry, whether they have been in business for 10 years or just beginning operating.

2) Strategic Positioning
Be fully equipped with all information necessary to successfully lead your company, without the risk of misinformation.

3) Recognize Dangerous Competitive Threats
Be aware of companies that are rapidly expanding or new market entrants that represent a threat to the livelihood of your business.

4) Industry Security
Be able to both survive and thrive in the cord blood banking industry by being fully informed, even as it becomes much more competitive.

5) Crush Competition
Finally, have the “edge” on your competition by acquiring knowledge and insight that they don’t yet have.

You'll Also Learn...

When you claim this file, you'll learn the “Top Countries for Cord Blood Banking Worldwide,” as ranked by the number of cord blood bank facilities active within the country. As of 2013, the top 15 countries are:

1.   USA
2.   Italy
3.   Spain
4.   Germany
5.   United Kingdom
6.   India
7.   Canada
8.   Israel
9.   Brazil
10. Australia
11. Belgium
12. Poland
13. Chile
14. Cyprus
15. China

Applications for Your Business

As a private cord blood bank, you can use the “Global Cord Blood Industry Database, 2014” to acquire industry knowledge, including identifying companies and organizations operating in your industry, recognizing your most dangerous competitive threats, or identifying weak competitors from whom you can take market share.

You can also use the database to determine the degree to which your company is impacted by public cord blood banks, through observing their prevalence in your region and worldwide.

You can use it for business development purposes, to identify opportunities for collaboration and profit.

In addition, the database has been very popular for marketing purposes, because it contains nearly 7,000 contacts for cord blood industry participants, including contacts for every single cord blood bank currently active worldwide.

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