BioInformant Worldwide, LLC, is your global leader in stem cell industry data. As a specialty research company, we use technology to track and identify profitable opportunities within the stem cell sector and provide this data to clients pursuing aggressive growth.

We are the only market intelligence company that has specifically served the stem cell sector since it emerged, and our singular focus allows our team of technology specialists, business analysts, and scientific experts to produce data that enables company decision-makers to better understand their markets, competitors, and customers.

Serving Fortune 500 leaders that include Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Beckton Dickinson, and many more, BioInformant enjoys the status of a premium market research services provider in the industry.

What Can We Do For You?
As your global leader in stem cell industry data, BioInformant offers the following services:


Whether you already supply stem cell products or you wish to expand your product line, you know just how lucrative this market is. You want to make effective product development decisions, sell more effectively to scientists, generate improved revenues and take market share from your competition.

Furthermore, with access to industry-leading stem cell market intelligence, you’ll be able to take advantage of new opportunities before your competitors are even aware of them. View available stem cell market reports now.


According to data from the Direct Marketing Association, the leading global organization for direct marketing, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return-on-investment is $57. Because you are dedicated to selling your products, you understand the importance of being able to market them to a receptive audience. Having the correct list means your products are an easy sell.

Because our singular focus is producing stem cell industry data, we offer a "Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List, 2014" (23,000 contacts) and a "Cord Blood Industry Database, 2014" (7,000 contacts). View available email marketing lists now.


Because we maintain a large database of stem cell researchers, we also conduct product surveys for our clients. Pricing varies depending on whether you want a 5, 10, or 25 question survey. To structure a survey opportunity for your company, please contact us via Live Chat or call us at 703.859.7617.

Why Should You Do Business with Us?

BioInformant is the only provider of stem cell market intelligence in the marketplace that offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all products, to ensure your complete satisfaction. This means that you can claim market dominance, completely risk-free.

In addition, we will service you in ways that you rarely experience. Before the purchase, we are available by phone support, live chat, and email, to answer all of your questions and provide you with free samples. Post-purchase, we personally follow-up with you to ask about your experience and utilization of the industry data. Best of all, we send you on-going industry updates to thank you for being not only a client, but a business friend.


"The BioInformant team was great to work with. The cord blood report we claimed was comprehensive and informative and the team was extremely responsive to all of our questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning more about the cord blood and cord tissue markets."

Kevin Cox
Private Equity Analyst, Audax Group

"BioInformant puts enormous time and effort into their products, which are accurate and precise. Their cord blood industry knowledge is outstanding, so cord blood banks and investors actively seek out their expertise. The BioInformant Team is very efficient and it is always a pleasure to do business with them."

Sonja Seeburger
Business Development Manager,

"ORF Genetics applied the 'Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List 2014' from BioInformant for promoting an offer on stem cell growth factors. Within the same month we sent out two other e-blasts to other stem cell lists purchased from market research companies. The e-blast to the Bioinformant list gave the best results both in terms of orders and inquires. Furthermore, the list from Bioinformant was by far the most efficiently priced list."

Hakon Birgisson PhD, MBA
Director of Global Market Development, ORF Genetics

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee:
All BioInformant products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the strategies and tools aren't helpful to you - we'll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product.