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Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List, 2014 - 23,000 Contacts
As the leading global provider of stem cell industry data, we specialize in targeted marketing lists specific for the stem cell sector. Whether you are marketing stem cell research products or advertising a stem cell conference, claim our top-selling list to reach 23,000 stem cell researchers today. This email mailing list has been tested with response rates ranging from 1.7 - 7.9% for stem cell product offers, one of the best rates in the industry.

Global Cord Blood Industry Database, 2014 - 7,000 Contacts
In response to customer demand, we also offer a Cord Blood Industry Database. The database started as an in-house list and over the course of 7 years grew to be the most complete database of its type available, anywhere. Claim this database to immediately profit from selling products and services to the Cord Blood Banking Industry.

Regenerative Researchers Email Mailing List, 2014 - 29,500 Contacts
This is a contact list that we have built for our own market intelligence and survey purposes. It contains researchers who identify as involved with tissue engineering, cell therapy, and medical techniques to repair damaged and diseased tissues. Pricing is USD $1,495 and it comes with a 60-day full-satisfaction guarantee. Email us at to request a sample of 1,000 contacts or to claim this list.

Custom Industry Lists
Need a custom list for your business purposes? For most clients, we are able to generate a targeted list to meet your strategic needs. Click here now to request your custom marketing list.

Your Advantage

Unlike what you may have experienced in the past, when you claim one of the lists above, you acquire the Excel file for the database. This allows you full control of your marketing, without having to mail your promotions through us.

While other companies control their databases under lock-and-key and force you to pay them extra to send your message out for you, we believe that you need the flexibility and freedom to send out your marketing on your terms. Simply load the Excel file into your email delivery software and deliver your messages on your terms.

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"ORF Genetics applied the 'Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List 2014' from BioInformant for promoting an offer on stem cell growth factors. Within the same month we sent out two other e-blasts to other stem cell lists purchased from market research companies. The e-blast to the Bioinformant list gave the best results both in terms of orders and inquires. Furthermore, the list from Bioinformant was by far the most efficiently priced list. BioInformant is a generous, client-oriented company and we highly recommend them."

Hakon Birgisson PhD, MBA
Director of Global Market Development, ORF Genetics

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