Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List, 2014

Boost Sales and Build Your Brand with our Responsive 2014 Email Mailing List

Our email marketing list targets the stem cell research community allowing you to promote your product range. It allows you to cost-effectively get your marketing message in front of 23,000 active stem cell researchers and decision makers.

We are a specialty stem cell research data company, so this is not a general list. It’s targeted very specifically at the very people who buy your products, whether they’re in the US, the rest of the world, or both.

Why you need this stem cell email marketing list

Improve sales – with this responsive list for direct email marketing campaigns you can promote your stem cell products to the very people who buy your range.

Build your brand– position your company at the forefront of the minds of the scientific research community.

Cost effective marketing – promote your stem cell product range by targeting thousands of high-converting prospects, without the need for expensive advertising and direct mail campaigns.

Outcompete your rivals – you can spend less on marketing while getting better results than your competitors.

Perform market research – gain insight into the problems and needs of your customers by asking then directly, guiding your current and future product development decisions.

Quick, easy and risk-free access to a superior email mailing list

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. Our competitors do not give you this security. We do so because we believe in the value of our products – and it means you can buy with complete confidence.

Use a email marketing list that can pay for itself after the very first mailing. The stem cell product supply companies that have bought this list have told us it pays for itself many times over with a single use. Of course, this means you won’t want to use it just once.

For additional detail, a client testimonial is included below:

Client Testimonial
"ORF Genetics applied the 'Stem Cell Researchers Email Mailing List 2014' from BioInformant for promoting  an offer on stem cell growth factors that we wanted to communicated into the stem cell market. Within the same month we sent out two other e-blasts to other stem cell lists purchased from other market research companies. The e-blast to the Bioinformant list  gave the best results in terms of orders and inquires. Furthermore, the list from Bioinformant was by far the most efficiently priced list.

Hakon Birgisson PhD, MBA
Director of Global Market Development
ORF Genetics

How successful will you find this stem cell mailing list?

It would be easy to promise you sky-high response rates and exploding sales. Many people will do just that. But we know you prefer an honest and real message.

So, yes, we will provide you with a high-quality email mailing list, but the response you get is also dependent on the quality of the marketing emails you send.

We don’t make hyped up claims. We just stick to the facts, so you can make an informed decision. We’re only interested in giving you a high-quality email mailing list:

  • For stem cell products and service offers, our existing customers have experienced response rates between 1.7% and 8.9% – one of the best rates in the industry. (We’d be happy to provide you with a reference to back this up.)

  • Your email gets in front of the prospects that matter. Average deliverability rates are 92-97% (depending on the mail software used). This means your emails overcome the first hurdle and get into your ideal customer’s inbox.

  • Our mailing list is always kept up-to-date. Business data can decay by about 30% per year. So we’re constantly adding new email addresses for your target audience and we remove expired contacts every 30 days. This means your list is kept fresh, clean and responsive.

    Finally, you can perform targeted geographic mailings easily. Want to improve your sales within a particular country? Simply sort the list by region and now you can. 

    Get your slice of a billion dollar market, expected to grow 65% by 2016

    The growth in research into stem cells has exploded in the past decade. And so the market to supply stem cell research products has grown to meet this huge demand. We estimate there are now over one million stem cell researchers in 197 countries.

    Just 17 companies supplied stem cell products when we first started monitoring the industry in 2006. Since then the market has matured to over 90 competitors and growing.

    In addition, the stem cell product market was valued at $1.01 billion for the full year 2011. Now, the projected market value is estimated to be $2.10 billion by 2016.

    This explains why a high-quality, responsive email mailing list is so valuable to you.

    Rent, lease or buy this high-performing stem cell marketing tool

    Depending on your needs, we give you several options for use of this valuable data:

  • Rent (One-time use)
  • Lease (Unlimited use over 12 month period)
  • Buy (Purchase email addresses for full usage rights)
  • Subscription (Purchase email addresses for full usage rights and receive list updates provided at 90-day intervals)

    Because of its responsiveness, we often find customers who only rented the list, want to use it again. In fact, about two-thirds of our customers that select the rent only option request repeat access after they experience the profit making potential of the list.

    We provide you with the actual Excel file (not common in the industry). We believe you should be in control of the data and not be beholden to us for your marketing campaigns. Of course we seed the list with contacts to monitor use and ensure the usage rights are not abused.

    What is the make-up of this list?

    A common question we’re asked is about the content of the list. Exactly where are the contacts based?

    Currently approximately 67% of the list is based in the US, and 33% the rest of the world.

    The list of countries containing covered is extensive, please enquire if you need specifics.

    The list is made up of an excellent balance of email address types. So in the US section, for example, the email extensions look like this:

    48% – Industry Emails (.com)
    14% – Organizational Emails (.org)
    5% – Government Emails (.gov)
    17% – Academic Emails (.edu)
    16% – Personal Email Accounts

    Our experience shows that having a healthy amount of personal email addresses is very good for response rates. It’s likely they are well monitored and tend to remain active for much longer.

    What you need to know before buying a marketing mailing list

    We’re in business to sell you information that is going to help you succeed in the stem cell product supply market. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.

    Because not everyone selling mailing lists is reputable, our advice would be do not buy if you can’t test the list. Ask the seller for a sample and see if it is successful.

    It’s also important to know how the list you’re buying was created. This greatly influences the quality of the data you receive. At BioInformant we provide a range of auxiliary services to the stem cell research community and gather email addresses in the provision of this service.

    This mailing list won’t perform magic – but it can boost sales

    Although this mailing list has a high deliverability rate and has proven very responsive for our previous customers, you have to do your bit too.

    How people respond to your marketing emails is a huge factor affecting response rates. If your marketing message is dull, or the benefit of your service is buried or missing, you’re going to struggle to make sales.

    In other words, a poorly written email sent to an excellent mailing list will not get a good response. If you feel your marketing emails need to be improved before you use our mailing list, we’d be happy to recommend the excellent copywriting agency we use. Just drop us an email at and ask for details.

    How to claim your list? Secure checkout, purchase form, or payment by P.O.

    Buying this quality mailing list could not be easier or more risk free. Simply go to our secure checkout and enter your details.

    Alternatively, if you prefer to claim it by credit card, check, or bank transfer, please complete this Purchase Form. Or, claim by Purchase Order (P.O.) by emailing us at with a request for the mailing list and your “Invoice To” address included. We are then happy to issue you a P.O. on 30-day terms, and can accept payment by check, bank transfer, or credit card.

    Either way, you will receive your email mailing list immediately upon payment, backed by a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    60-day Money Back Guarantee

    We’re offering you something that no other mailing list company offers.

    You’ll receive a no-question, 60-day money-back guarantee. We’ll send you the complete mailing list. If you’re not happy, if you feel it doesn't give you high deliverability rates and is not laser focused on your target audience, then we will refund your money in full.

    And just in case this left you in any doubt, you may like to know we’re the only market intelligence company that has specifically tracked the stem cell product supply market since there was a market. It means we have provided data to, and consulted with, almost all of the major companies in the US and global stem cell product market.

    Buying this quality mailing list could not be easier or more risk free. Simply go to our secure checkout and enter your details.

    Free Sample

    Or, if you still aren't convinced and wish to do a test mailing to a sample of 3,000 contacts from the list, please mail to request your sample file today.


    Once your order is placed, you will receive a download link for your Excel file.

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